Valinda Gillis

Valinda Gillis has been a member of Milestones’ Board of Directors for over 30 years and has served in each of the board officer positions, currently as Board President. Valinda is very proud of her long-term involvement with Milestones and her contributions to ensuring continued financial health as well as. Milestones great reputation for providing quality care to all individuals served.

During Valinda’s professional life, she served as the Head of the NAVSEA Federal Employees Compensation Board, West Coast Office. Prior positions held included: Management Advisor to a top manager to Mare Island Naval Shipyard; Administrative Office to a number of executives and a variety of positions in the personnel and financial areas.

Valinda has served on numerous boards including Saint Patrick’s Board of Regents.

On a personal level, Valinda became interested in Milestones and her desire to volunteer her time towards helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities because of her sister, who also has a developmental disability.