Christine Fitzgerald, B.S., PharmD., B.C.P.S.

Christine Fitzgerald lives locally in Vallejo, CA, a relatively new transplant to the area from Philadelphia, PA since 2016. As a clinical pharmacist, she has extensively practiced in neurology as a prior Associate Professor at a leading university with a clinical practice in a neurology ICU. But with a board certification in pharmaceutical sciences, Christine can be considered a generalist and currently holds a position creating drug reference monographs. Christine has previously volunteered her time at an adult diploma program to help adults achieve their GED and with the Philadelphia Science Fair, creating a pharmacy-based adolescent activity to stimulate an interest in the sciences. For many years, Christine has volunteered as a member of an Institutional Review Board to evaluate the ethical nature of medical clinical trials. In her downtime, Christine enjoys her CrossFit workouts, book club, and travel.